Are the items food-safe?

All ceramic pieces are hand-built earthenware made without the use of molds and glazed with lead free, food-safe glazes. Paper items are safe for dry foods but I don't reccomend using them for dining.

How should I clean an item?

I reccommended that they be hand washed to maintain their best condition. Items with unglazed bottoms (such as the Gold Lip Dish series) should not be left to soak in water. Simply hand wash and set out to dry. Papier-mâché pieces are coated with polyurethane, and are water resistant, so they can we wiped clean with a sponge. Use with plants that require fairly dry soil.

What stores carry your work?

Unison Chicago, IL
Catbird Brooklyn, NY
Mociun New York, NY
Clementine Middlebury, VT
Founders and Followers
PH Design Shop Houston, TX
Douglas and Bec Auckland, NZ
Folklore London, UK
The Orange Trader Orange, NSW
Pomelo Singapore